Monday, May 16, 2005

purple hair!

Woohoo, finally, after being desperate for it since I was a wee precocious adolescent, I have purple hair! Tis kind of a dark indigo/violet colour, really deep and shiny, and then when it catches the light quite bright purple. I love it. A lot. In the end I had to resort to using an evil, permanent completely synthetic harsh destroy your hair type dye, which I don't feel good about at all, but I wanted it so badly that I abandoned all my principles and eco-sensibilities. Whoops. The fumes were terrible as well, and I was somewhat racked with guilt after years of telling everyone about the joys and benefits of henna. but I have purple hair. And I love it.

I have also finally finished all the Globalisation work, which I damn well should have done seeing as today is the final deadline. Can't believe how horrendously bad I'm being about getting work done. It's the middle of exams and I'm still just wasting hour after hour, pottering around town buying asparagus, reading the paper, watching shite TV, and mucking around on the net when I've got a huge amount of work to do. I had to the last third of that very important essay in 2 hours this morning, and I'm really not happy with it. Just wish I could do work with plenty of time to spare, so that I felt like I'd done it properly rather than rushing it at the last moment. I know I normally do do pretty well despite this, but imagine how I'd do if I put effort in and was organised and motivated...

Tomorrow is my classics exam, which is almost laughable, since I know literally nothing about it. It's just an elective, but I've put literally zero effort into it throughout the year because of the stress of trying to learn Italian (and because of my inherent laziness), and now I have to do a bloody exam on it. So I really should go home and do some bloody revision.


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