Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Well, I just had my second interview for the job in the Student Union Bar, and I fucked it up I think. It was hard! When have you had an original idea and implemented and communicated it to members of a team? Ermmmm.....I'm 19 and all my jobs have been minimum wage, please don't ask me that! Oh well, you win some you lose some, I'm going to try not to dwell on it. I was really nervous, and I lost it. Didn't want to work there anyway. Serving drinks to students all day wouldn't actually be that fun. Hmm, never mind. Am a bit miffed but will attempt to repress it in my mind.

And once it is repressed I can focus on my exams. Good grief this is an unpleasant week. The classics exam yesterday went surprisingly well, considering I did 1 hour's revision, used the lectures to catch up on sleep and had no real interest in the subject whatsoever. I'm quite good at bullshitting on essay questions I suppose. Shouldn't be saying this now, or I'll probably find out I failed horrendously. Tomorrow is my Italian literature exam, which I've just found out is at 9AM not 1PM like I thought. And I know nothing at all. Not even entirely sure of the format of the exam. Will have to go home and read the entire novel again and put on my best poetry bullshitting head, that I have not really used since English Lit GCSE. I hate exams. I'd forgotten how horrendous they are, and how terrible I am at actually applying myself (hence being sat at the computer instead of doing very important revision). I'm so out of practice at being academic. I'm still very happy that I chose to spend last year working and travelling instead of going straight to uni like a sheep, but I'm undeniably rusty when it comes to exams and essays. Anyway, just the language exam to go, a week tomorrow. Hooray I have a whole week to learn an entire language that I just haven't applied myself to all year.

Feeling rather sorry for myself, it must be said. May take up smoking again, since last night me and G bought a 50g pack of baccy cos a lady in the pub was selling stuff she'd bought in Spain, for half the normal price. We were going to sell it on, but i think it may be kept for personal consumption. Seriously, all the signs seem to be telling us to smoke. G found a lighter and a pack of Rizlas on the floor as well! I think we'll find a use during this weekend's festivities. Mwah ha.


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