Thursday, May 19, 2005

maybe not so crap

Well, the literature exam this morning did not go ever so well. It was hard and made me sob a little. This is entirely my own fault as last night I completely failed to get any sort of decent revision done and instead went to the pub then came back and watched Desperate Housewives and ate pizza with Caroline. Perhaps I do need to get my priorities straight.

However, I got the job! Unbelievable! I really thought I had completely messed up on this one, but I was either wrong or they were very desperate. Either way, it means that I have a job sorted for the next academic year, although I know I will depise it and get stressed because that's just what I do. But the money is so needed that it's all good. Can't believe I'm going to be working behind a bar again though, since I really am quite crap at it.

This afternoon there is an anti-BNP protest in town that I am very tempted to go down and join. Perhaps I will, although I won't know anyone and there's not really anyone around that I can ask to go with me. And I'm knackered and really need to pack for going home tonight. I need to do more active campaigning, and I really should go and take this opportunity. But it's raining. That's a ridiculously lame excuse. But I also think I'd probably get too angry, because I think there will be BNP supporters there as well (it's outside the magistrates court as some 'party' members are being tried for incitement to racial hatred there), and I'm in a very irrational angry mood at the moment. Grrr.

Me and G are going back home to Saddleworth tonight because this weekend is Whit Friday and the Beer Walk, festivities involving heavy drinking and brass bands that can only be understood by those from small villages in the north of England. I am looking forward to it, although the last few years have been spoilt a bit by dickheads who use it as an opportunity to be dickheads. And I got overly angry whilst doing the beerwalk last year, so I'm not going to do it this time. G and some friends will, I'll probably just stand on the sidelines and drink a bit and donate some money. I do hope it's better than last year. Will be nice to see everyone anyway, not that I'm desperate to get back. I rang my dad yesterday and told him I'd be staying at home tonight and he didn't seem particularly impressed. Very upsetting, they've turned my bedroom into an office with loads of garden plans on the walls! Ah well, I think I'll get over it.

I think I should probably now go home and tidy up the flat, for it is fast returning to its usual state of squalor. And I can pack and eat some ridiculously over garlicky home made hummus and guacamole that me and G whipped up yesterday in our quest to eat to the very back of the cupboards before the end of term (next week! fuck!)


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