Wednesday, May 25, 2005

time flies

Really not feeling great at the moment, lots of shitty stuff going on that I really don't feel like writing about because that's not what I do, my way of dealing with shit is to bottle it all up and pretend things are fine until it all comes out again. Anyway...

The weekend was good, although I remembered how horrendoud most of the people at home make me feel. It was fun though, especially since we got to introduce Hannah to the 'mysterious customs of Saddleworth', as it were! Both Whit Friday and the Beerwalk were very pleasant indeed, despite the horrendous weather on Saturday that made the beerwalk more of an ordeal than a piss up! It was also, terrifyingly, my first really adultWhit Friday, where instead of being groped by a spotty lad on a park bench and then puking up in the corner of a field, I sat and watched the bands with a few friends and a couple of beers. Shocking! All in all, it was enjoyable but not exactly raucous. Could it be that we have actually grown up?

The weekend also made me absolutely petrified about the summer, because if there's one thing I definitely have grown out of it's living at home. Which is what I'll be doing as of this weekend because I need some pennies and can only get short term work in Manchester. Crap. Keep telling myself it will be OK, as it's only in short bursts. 3 weeks of sheer hell, living with parents and commuting into Manchester every day, then 3 weeks travelling around Eastern Europe, another 3 hellish weeks at home, then a couple of weeks in Dorset chilling out by the sea. I haven't really got that much to complain about. It's just terrifying how quickly it has come around. This term is so ridiculously short. Tomorrow is my last exam (which, of course, I should be revising for now), then that's it until September. Terrifying. I have too many 'loose ends' to tie up here, in 3 bloody days! I hate this split existence. Wish I could just stay here. Never thought I'd say that.


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