Friday, April 28, 2006

I've not posted for over 3 months now, very impressive. My only explanation is that I've been hibernating. The first few months of the year are vile beyond compare. Rainy and cold and grey and so so very long. So I hibernate. Curl up under a duvet with my knitting and a load of good books and music and yummy food, and stay there for 3 months....I wish. Actually I have been plodding on with uni and work, and cooking and crafting, but just feeling bleh about it because the weather and the greyness just takes it out of you. Now spring is here, and for the last week it has been possible to go out without a coat and hat on-and even to sit in the park and soak up some beams, and things are gradually getting greener and better. I still don't feel great, but I reckon things are looking up (despite the plethora of exams and essay deadlines I have coming up). I have almost managed to go veganish (although almost is the operative word), I've started to be slightly more productive on the craft front, have been cooking and eating delicious meals, knitted 1 and a half socks (first socks ever, what a milestone!), and have some very cool plans for the summer and beyond.

Unfortunately, quite soon after my last post, Graeme's digital camera (the only one i have any sort of access to) was lost, somehow, and hasn't been found. So no photos of my crafts, food or the beautiful springtime are on the horizon, which is a big shame. Ah well, I'm not that pretty anyway!