Friday, May 19, 2006

Procrastino troppo...

The last week has not been much fun. I have had so much to do, but have been doing so very little, and not even enjoying doing little, just feeling bad about not doing the things I need to do-and yet still not doing them. Hmph. But my essay got completed and handed in (20 minutes before the deadline-nice. Funny thing is, even 2 hours before the deadline I was still wasting time on the internet. Clearly i have masochistic tendedncies). And three of my four exams are now over, leaving only the french oral which I don't really care about. My exams went.....erm, they went, at least. Yesterday's was horrendous, and really highlighted the fact I haven't read a single book for my International Organisations module. This morning's Italian went surprisingly well, considering when I tried to do a past paper last night I had to look up every other word. And the French listening this afternoon was just farcical, but that's what I expected.

Anyway, I have been more productive on the knitting front during this very stresful week than for several months during which I've had little to do-what a surprise. I have a photo of my first sock! Being camera-less is upsetting, but the lovely Caroline sent me some snaps of an afternoon we sent sitting in the park (when it was summer, which seems to have passed now and been replaced by the much more expected constant rain), when I took along my lovely socks to knit. Eccolo:

Now I am working on a Clapotis for me (yes, I am the last person in all the world to knit it-this is why I am not a knit blogger), Graeme's lopi Fuzzyfeet (on hold due to tragic running out of yarn, more was ordered at great expense online but we weren't in when it was delivered and now it sits sadly in the Post Office in bloody Sheepscar), and the interminable burgundy hoodie. But I have a feeling this summer will be one of great things knitwise.....I have hankering for fancy shmancy yarn. And lace. And cables. And socks, so many socks... We will be doing a lot of travelling, lots of long long bus and train rides, lots of festivals, lots of lazing, so I'm thinking of making a big list of all my summer projects, accquiring or digging up yarn for each of them, and making sure that I have it all to hand. I'm going to be somewhat displaced over the summer, and I sure as hell don't want to miss out on an 8 hour journey's worth of knitting because my yarn is buried under all my boxes of crap.

I have an exciting evening ahead-Caroline's exhibition opening, then off to see Drunk In Public (Leveller's acoustic band) play in Holmfirth, thanks to last minute tickets from Graeme's little brother, then a house party if we aren't too sleepy (we are getting old now, and don't seem to have much stamina....)


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