Monday, May 08, 2006

It burns!

I truly am I great big moron. Just made the schoolboy error of rubbing my eye after cutting a chillie. I mean really, everyone knows not to do that. At least I didn't have my contacts in. Anyway, now I am squiniting with tears running down the left side of my face, and feeling like a complete fool.
The last few days have been most unproductive, mostly due to the sunshine. I got my Renaissance essay in on time, just, then decided not to do anymore work and spent most of Friday sitting in the park drinking copious amounts of alcohol in the sun. It was amazing. I lost my shoes. Good times. And despite my hangover on Saturday, me and Graeme spent most of the day at the allotment with other people from the collective, digging, barbecuing tofu and Sosmix, drinking homebrew and soaking up the last of the sunshine. When the weather finally broke late Saturday afternoon I was almost relieved, as I have an absolute inability to be inside and studying when the weather is halfway decent. Sunday it pissed it down, but it was OK as I had to work in the bar, then went for a lovely meal with my friend and colleague Kate. And once again, I did no work.
I did, however, finish my second sock. Woo! Just need to graft the toe. I am proud. They took a lot longer than they should have done, and have a lot more mistakes than they should have done, mostly because of the fact that I kept taking them out, getting horribly drunk and fucking them up. Is it bad when alcohol affects your knitting so seriously? Do I have a problem? Shit, I've just realised that if it wasn't for the drinking I would be a hugely accomplished knitter by now, rather than simply mediocre. Crap. Perhaps I should seek help. Anyway, I love my socks because they are a bit of a milestone for me. And they are green like spring grass. Wish I had a camera still.
Today has been a bit of a washout so far, one of those days when everything seems to be against you (hmm...I seem to have rather a lot of those). Cycled into uni to do 2 simple but important tasks-get a new student card (aagh can't believe I've lost it, I can't go the library or do my effing exams without it), and order my fruit and veg box from the co-op. Firstly, cycling whilst wearing a skirt on a windy day is not advisable. As a somewhat inexperienced cyclist, I did not realise this. Some people seem to be able to do it without a problem, but I ended up with my upper thighs on view to the world, struggling up the hill trying to yank my skirt down, but veering into the path of cars and pedestrians when I did this. Fun. Then I spent about 10 minutes trying to find Central Student Administration, which is very definitely not central. Queued up for a while, filled in my application for a new card, then realised I didn't have my debit card, and I don't know the PIN for my Visa, even after 3 tries. So I couldn't get my card, which I desperately need so that I can get some damn books for my damn essay, and I also couldn't order my veg because I had no cash to pay for it. Well done me.
So yeah, bit of a meh day once again. The only task on my to do list that I have completed is posting my parcel for the Glitter candy swap, which I really hope gets there as I put a lot of effort (and money!) into it, and it's my first ever real swap. Exciting! So now I suppose I will try and get some work done. Unlikely.


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