Sunday, November 20, 2005

Anarchists Have The Best Parties

So it seems I'm not doing very well with the regular posting thing, never mind! Have been so busy recently that I've genuinely not had time, so much going on it's stressful but good fun nonetheless. Today I'm in a sleepy happy crazy mood, as last night was absolutely effing awesome. Went to a huge squat party in town, it was truly amazing. So glad I got to go in the end. The people who had said they might come with me lamely didn't want to, so I resigned myself to a boring night in the Old Bar, which is what it started out as, then I met some other friends (accquaintances really), went back to theirs for drinks and then eventually at 2.30am got a couple of lads who I barely know to come with me. And it was so worth it. I've been really tormented recently over the fact that I have loads of 'issues' with the whole radical/environmentalist/anarchist/whatever 'scene' but at the same time am fascinated by it and agree with a fair bit of what goes on (by no means everyhting, mind). But last night was just so insanely good that none of that really mattered. In my sleepy state I am in no position to start discussing the ins and outs and politics of squatting/free parties etc, but suffice to say the whole thing just had an amazing atmosphere. There were maybe a thousand people there, all in various states of intoxication, and yet I saw no trouble, no aggro, no real unpleasantness whatsoever. You couldn't say that about most of the clubs in Leeds that charge you a tenner to get in and chuck you out at 2am. I met loads of people, vague previous accquaintances and some randoms. I danced till 7am and didn't feel tired (this is without any chemical assistance, before anyone gets the wrong idea. I wasn't even that drunk, just unbelievably happy). It was indescribably great, and even though I ended up losing the lads I came with and causing them to worry (unnecessarily), it was without doubt the best night I've had in ages. Today I've been just giggling for no reason because the whole thing made me so happy. Even though I ended up flaking on the volunteering I was supposed to be doing for Together For Peace (I probably wouldn't have been that useful anyway), and, I fear, declaring my lust for a girl in one of my classes who I've never spopken to before, all things considered it was very well worth it.
Now I will go and watch Notting Hill and do some knitting and return to the big bad real world for the week ahead. Never mind, I will probably carry on giggling inexplicably.


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