Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fully Connected

This is a very exciting day for me. Today I have truly entered the technological age. I am now the proud owner of a fancy schmancy laptop thing. With broadband. Oh yeah.
Of course, I was not entirely without internet before (which explains the prior existence of this blog). But I could only get at it at uni, where there's always a huge queue of students with important essays to write behind you, or when I went home to my parents, where there's always an impatient mother or father waiting behind you, and reading over your shoulder. Plus it's a mac and for some reason blogger did not like it at all. But now I am free to waste all my time on the net reading and writing crap. Hooray! Plus, I can now post pictures... See? Wow that's scary. And most unflattering. But never mind, it is still a truly momentous occasion. Yay.


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