Wednesday, November 09, 2005

So cold...

Wow, posts on two consecutive days, it's obvious how exciting this is for me! Especially since I don't have anything exciting to say. Today I worked behind the bar all day serving obnoxious students who make me want to weep and wail, and looking longingly through the window at a perfect autumn day of the type that rarely occur in these parts. And when I finally left the bar it was pitch black outsisde. November is evil. Now I'm at home, eating baked potato, drinking tea and freezing my arse off because we had the heating on yesterday to dry the washing and I can't afford to have it on 2 days in a row. Not when it's just me in the house. Hmm, perhaps I can't actually afford this internet thing. Ah well, it keeps me amused.
I'm off to a fundraising night for the Terence Higgins trust tonight, as part of my attempt to be slightly more involved with the UN society, who are organising it. I'm supposed to be selling tickets on the door. Can't really be arsed, as no one fancied coming with me and I don't really know anyone there. Feel like curling up, drinking chai and knitting christmas presents. But duty calls...


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Yes I found your site and is beautiful. Thank you.


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