Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Torturous Cookie Quest

Aaagh-despite today being one of the few days that I've had 'free' in the last few weeks, I am at my wits end. I have a million and one things I need to do and little motivation/organisation/goddam time to do any of them, and I keep finding myself wasting time (like now!), trying to stop myself, and then being unable to, then getting annoyed with myself and getting more and more stressed.
One of the million odd things I had to do today was bake cookies for the Green Action meeting tonight. Well I guess I didn't 'have' to, but I want them to like me, haha, and also I generally enjoy cooking stuff for people. So I decided to knock up a batch of vegan oaty currant cookies. I needed to get some vegan marg, caster sugar and light muscovada sugar. So I went to Maumoniats, who had the marg but not the sugar-no problems, thats what I expected. Clever me, I decided to ride the bike to the Co-op. Now, riding the bike is not an easy thing for me to do. I have no sense of balance and even less road sense. But I have this image of myself being one of those elegant looking boho girls that whizzes past me on the way to uni each morning, so I am desperate to improve. I managed to get to the Co-op with only a few car horns beeped at me, one near death experience and a lot of riding on pavements and down cul-de-sacs where no evil cars will kill me. In fact, when I reached the Co-op I was rather pleased with myself. Until I realised I didn't have the effing key to the effing bike lock. I was not a happy bunny. I considered leaving the bike propped against the wall, being really quick and trusting in humanity, but then I remembered I was in Hyde Park, noticed the scallies in the gold Corsa watching me, and realised that Graeme would be quite annoyed if I got his bike nicked. So I risked my life again and rode back. Only a bloody wall had seperated me from the caster and muscovada sugar! Why?! It was upsetting, believe me.
So I tried Abu Bakhars, who again had neither of the effing sugars, although they do have lovely veggie samosas so I bought 2 of them instead to make me feel better. Eventually I went to evil Jacksons, where they had caster sugar and 'light brown sugar' which I decided will have to do. And I made the cookies-they're OK although some of them decided to merge into a giant cookie monster. But so not worth the life threatening bike ride and the very very cold feet I got during said bike ride, that have still not thawed out.
Well, I guess now I should get on with the bazillion (yes, it's a bazillion now) things I must do. Seriously, why can't I just be content to go to uni and have a job-are all these societies and saving the world efforts really worth it? Bloody hope so.


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