Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh Shit...

Note to self-do NOT bid more than you can possibly afford on ebay. Repeatedly. Even when you are bidding for sexy sexy sock yarn, even when it's dyed with natural products, even when sock yarn is all you have thought about for days. Especially not when you know that large amounts of yarn from various different places is currently in the post for you. Especially not when you are going to Texere tomorrow. And especially not when you know that you won't be getting any more significant amounts of money in your account until after you've moved to Italy, and there's a whole summer to get through before that.

Oh crud, the internet is dangerous during times of high stress or relief and major knitting desire. I have never been that type of woman before-that type that spends large amounts of money on luxurious yarns. I've always prided myself on making my knitted items out of pennies worth of shitty acrylic or something dug up from an old lady's wardrobe, so that my hobby can count as thrifty and clever rather than an expensive obsession fueling the capitalist machine......I don't know what has happened recently. Oh well, no beer for me tonight.


At 8:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, it's go-fish (from Glitter) here.
I did this recently with BPAL. Such an icky feeling to overspend when you really can't afford it and it's all on luxuries when it comes right down to it.


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