Monday, May 22, 2006

Tomorrow morning I have my final exam, a French oral. Since it is less than 24 hours away I should really be preparing for it, but I just don't want to. I don't really think there is anything I can do, other than find someone to speak French to, and that would just be silly (despite being a university level language student I have a real fear of actually speaking any language other than English. It's a bit of a problem). If I still cared about this module then it might be different, but I really don't anymore. I just want to get all the exams out of the way so that I can concentrate on knitting, sewing, learning Serbo-Croat for my holidays, and improving my Italian for...err, moving there (aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Three months to go!). French is just an irritating distraction at the moment, I should have known I don't have the brain for studying 2 foreign languages at once.

Anyway, after having a nice chilled weeekend I'm not really in an exam kind of mood. What with the Eurovision shenanigans on Saturday (oh my, that was truly fabulous. The arockalypse is here....), and full on Sunday relaxing yesterday, I'm not sure I can manage academic thinking now. Yesterday Iz and I went to the Leeds Veggie Fayre at the Common Place, which was really fun, despite the half hour walk in the pouring rain we took to get there (I was sodden-it's that fine rain, what soaks you to the skin...). There was so much yummy vegan food, both free samples and on sale for very reasonable prices, and lots of veg propaganda. I have littered our flat with anti meat leaflets for Graeme-I am one of those evil girlfriends who tries to convert their significant other to vegetarianism, no luck so far unfortunately, although he eats vegan slop 6 days of the week without complaint so I should be grateful. And I got lots of anti milk stuff for me, as a bit of incentive for me to stick better to my veganish diet. Some of the vegan literature annoys me, with its blatant twisting of the facts (especially anti honey stuff), but I know that it is mostly motivated by strong compassionate beliefs, so I can rationalize it to myself. But sometimes I do think that being too vehement, with any kind of activism/propaganda, can really turn people off what you are trying to say. It's a trap anybody with strong ethical beliefs can fall into, and really hard to avoid.

Anyway, lots of yummy food hooray. Including divine vegan rum truffles. Mmm. And even some raw nettle pesto, which was surprisingly good (although raw foods is something that will never truly tempt me-I just think life is too short.....but each to their own). Speaking of yummy food, I think I should probably go and knock up some Sosmix burgers and cous cous for my lunch. Study fuel, obviously...


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